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[+] Husmann, Heinrich. "Die musikalische Behandlung der Versarten im Troubadourgesang der Notre Dame-Zeit." Acta Musicologica 25 (January/September 1953): 1-20.

Some troubadour and trouvère songs are found in Latin contrafacta that show, in contrast to the French settings, an advanced rhythmic notation. By comparing the different versions, Husmann finds rhythmic solutions for the songs in the vernacular, for example the conclusion that not only in melismatic organa but also in syllabic monophonic songs frequent rhythmic changes are possible.

Works: Uns lais de nostre dame contre le lai Markiol (6); Vite perdite (6); Veris ad imperia (14-16); Legis in volumine (14-16); Philippe le Chancelier: Veritas, equitas (6).

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