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[+] Johnson, Timothy A. "Chromatic Quotations of Diatonic Tunes in Songs of Charles Ives." Music Theory Spectrum 18 (Fall 1996): 236-61.

Ives quoted many diatonic melodies in his songs, which were then transformed chromatically. A process of intervallic alteration created contrasting diatonic links, offered more intervallic material for exploitation, and used a process called "refracted diatonicism." Ives exploits the connections between the various diatonic areas through the use of the tritone.

Works: Ives: The Innate (239-43, 257), The Camp-Meeting (244-45, 256), At the River (245-47, 256, 257), Nov. 2, 1920 (249-51, 256), Hymn (250-53, 255, 258), Old Home Day (256-60).

Sources: Asahel Nettleton or John Wyeth (attr.): Nettleton (240-43); William Bradbury: Woodworth (244-45); Robert Lowry: The Beautiful River (245-47); John Stafford Smith: The Star-Spangled Banner (249-51); William Howard Doane: More Love to Thee (250-53); William Steffe (attrib.): The Battle Hymn of the Republic (257-60).

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