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[+] Baselt, Bernd. "Muffat and Handel: A Two-way Exchange." The Musical Times 120 (November 1979): 904-7.

In 1736, Gottlieb Muffat copied out, by hand, two published works by Handel: the eight Suites de pièces (1720) and the Six Fugues or Voluntarys for the Organ or Harpsichord (1735). Muffat did this to illustrate his method of fingering and to specify a precise system of ornaments. Quite likely, Muffat had received these published editions directly from London, and in return dedicated his Componimenti musicali to Handel. The latter, in turn, borrowed from Muffat's work.

Works: Handel: Twelve Grand Concertos, Op. 6 (904), Ode for St. Cecilia's Day (904), Organ Concerto in A major, Op. 7 no. 2 (907).

Sources: Muffat: Componimenti musicali (904, 906-7), Ricercare (907).

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