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[+] Kerman, Joseph. "Verdi's Use of Recurring Themes." In Studies in Music History: Essays for Oliver Strunk, ed. Harold Powers, 495-510. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1968.

Verdi often utilized recurring themes, most notable in Rigoletto,Aïda, and Otello. The use of a recurring motive (a term semantically preferable to Erinnerungsmotiv (reminiscence theme) provides a dramatic focal point, as opposed to an identification motive used for characterization. Verdi recalls earlier music for dramatic purposes, often reusing the same harmonic constructions. The recalling of a kiss in La Traviata,La Forza del destino, and Aïda is represented both by similar melodies and by a harmonic shift from minor to major mode.

Works: Verdi: Rigoletto (300), Aïda (503), Otello (505).

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