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[+] Kiesewetter, Peter. "Meyerbeer-Paraphrasen." In Meilensteine eines Komponistenlebens, ed. G. Speer and H.J. Winterhoff, 49-55. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1977.

An analysis of Günter Bialas's Meyerbeer-Paraphrasen for orchestra (1970) demonstrates the composer's technique and his ability to infuse it with twentieth-century ideas. References are made to melodic, harmonic, and structural material from Meyerbeer's opera Le Prophète within a tightly organized six-part formal scheme. Bialas intended his piece to be understood as a concert fantasy about the historical kind of paraphrase, a "skeptical apotheosis" of the nineteenth-century model.

Works: Günter Bialas: Meyerbeer-Paraphrasen.

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