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[+] Kimber, Marian Wilson. "Mendelssohn's Second Piano Concerto, Op. 40, and the Origins of His Serenade and Allegro Giojoso, Op. 43." The Journal of Musicology 20 (Summer 2003): 358-87.

Due to its rushed composition for the premiere performance, the musical material of Felix Mendelssohn's Serenade and Allegro Giojoso, Op. 43 (1838) is based largely on his Piano Concerto No. 2 in D Minor, Op. 40, composed the previous year. Many of the similarities between the works are evident: they share the same ensemble, key area, and some thematic material. Further evidence for the self-borrowing can be found in Mendelssohn's sketches. In the Nachlaß 19 manuscript, a passage originally intended for the Piano Concerto was reused as a transition between the movements of the Serenade and Allegro Giojoso in an early performance. The Nachlaß 30 manuscript shows evidence of Mendelssohn revising Op. 43 to more closely resemble the earlier Op. 40. Also, documentary evidence shows that he was editing the proof of Op. 40 while finishing Op. 43, and thus it is likely that the musical material of each shared many features.

Works: Mendelssohn: Serenade and Allegro Giojoso, Op. 43 (358-87).

Sources: Mendelssohn: Piano Concerto in D Minor, Op. 40 (359-87).

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