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[+] Liebergen, Patrick M. "The Cecilian Movement in the Nineteenth Century: Summary of the Movement." Choral Journal 21 (May 1981): 13-16.

Tenets of the Cecilian movement, including stylistic borrowing of Renaissance polyphony, chant-like melodies, and the use of wind music for accompaniment, are found in the music of Bruckner and Liszt. Bruckner's Mass in E Minor, Os justi, and Pange lingua are compared with Liszt's Missa choralis, Gran Mass, and Via crucis. Bruckner and Liszt idealize the movement.

Works: Bruckner: Mass in E Minor (14), Pange lingua (14), Os justi (14); Liszt: Missa choralis (15), Gran Mass (15), Messe für Männerchor (Missa quattuor vocum ad aequales) (15), St. Elizabeth (15), Via crucis (15), Christus (15-16).

Sources: Hymn: Pange lingua (15); Eighth Psalm tone (15); Chant: Rorate coeli, Angelus, Beati Pauperes (15); Hymn: O filii et filiae (16).

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