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The aforementioned individual(s) Entered, Checked, or Approved the electronic transcription of the source document.

C: Indicates the aforemententioned person(s) checked the transcription.

A: Indicates the aforementioned person(s) approved the transcription for publication.

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[Taf.XII.] [Neumentafel, taf. XII; text: Punctum, Bipunctum, Tripunctum, Tripunctum praepuncte, Tripunctum praebipuncte, Tripunctum praetripuncte, Tripunctum praediatessare, Tripunctum praediapente, Tripunctum conpuncte, Tripunctum praepuncte et subbipuncte, Tripunctum praepuncte et subtripuncte, Et sic proadditamento punctorum. Apostropha, Distropha, Tristropha, Virga, Virga praepunctis, Virga praebipunctis, Virga praetripunctis, Virga praediatessaris, Virga praediapentis, Virga subpunctis, Virga subbipunctis, Virga subtripunctis, Virga subdiatesseris, Virga subdiapentis, Virga conpunctis, Virga praepunctis et subbipunctis, Virga praepunctis et subtripunctis, Virga praepunctis et subdiatesseris, Virga praepunctis et subdiapentis, Virga conbipunctis, Virga praebipunctis et subtripunctis, Virga praebipunctis et subdiatesseris, Virga praebipunctis et subdiapentis, Virga contripunctis, Virga praetripunctis et subdiatesseris, Virga praetripunctis et subdiapentis, Virga condiatesseris, Virga praediatesseris et subdiapentis, Virga condiapentis, Virga semitonis, Virga semitonis subpunctis, Virga semitonis subbipunctis, Bivirgis, Trivirgis, Hae ad modum virgae simplicis praepositis et subpositis apponantur neumis. Flexa, Flexa dependens, Flexa resupina, Flexa semivocalis sive innodans, Flexa sinuosa, Flexa gutturalis, Flexa gutturalis subpunctis, Flexa hemivocalis sive substringens, Flexa apostrophis, Flexa praepunctis, Flexa praebipunctis, Compositiores voces si occurrant accommodatis simplicium vocabulis nominentur. Pes, Pes praepunctis, Pes praebipunctis, Pes praetripunctis, Pes praediatessaris, Pes praediapentis, Pes subpunctis, Pes subbipunctis, Pes subtripunctis, Pes subdiatesseris, Pes subdiapentis, Pes conpunctis, Pes praepunctis et subbipunctis, Pes praepunctis et subtripunctis, Pes praepunctis et subdiatesseris, Pes praepunctis et subdiapentis, Pes conbipunctis, Pes praebipunctis et subtripunctis, Pes praebipunctis et subdiatesseris, Pes praebipunctis et subdiapentis, Pes contripunctis, Pes praetripunctis et subdiatesseris, Pes praetripunctis et subdiapentis, Pes condiatesseris, Pes praediatesseris et subdiapentis, Pes condiapentis, Pes semivocalis, Pes quassus semivocalis, Pes prostratus, Pes flexus, Pes dependens, Pes resupinus, Pes resupinus semivocalis, Sinuosa, Pes sinuosus, Hemivocalis sive substringens, Pes hemivocalis sive substringens, Gutturalis, Gutturalis subpunctis, Gutturalis semivocalis sive innodans, Gutturalis apostrophis, Quilisma, Quilisma flexum, Quilisma resupinum, Quilisma semivocale sive innodans, Quilisma sinuosum, Quilisma praepuncte, Quilisma praebipuncte, Quilisma praetripuncte, Quilisma praediatessaris, Plures puncti si quilismati sive simplici sive composito apponantur ex supradictis pro compositione vocabula sortiantur.] [ANONEUM 01GF]