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Concordances with the Lexicon musicum Latinum

The purpose of this page is to discover the correspondences between the canonical versions and standard accepted authors, titles and incipits for texts as established by the Lexicon musicum Latinum medii aevii (LmL) and the various versions of the of these texts in the TML.

This page has been compiled by the TML team, with the aim to match the TML texts corresponding in whole or part to the treatises identified by the LmL authorities. Suggestions for emendations or additions are welcome.

For each of the LmL bibliographic sigla below, one or more links are provided to the individual versions of the text represented in the TML, some of which may differ significantly from those considered as canonical by the LmL. The latter, when available, are marked with right-pointing double guillemets (). Not every LmL shows a correspondence with TML, and vice versa, since the work of the TML is still in progress and the LmL deals only with texts dating up to the end of the 15th century.

It is possible to browse the LmL authorities also by author, title and incipit.


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