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Editorial Policies

Einsiedeln, Marchettus, Lucidarium

Page from Marchettus de Padua’s Lucidarium *

As per policies established in 1990s, the TML reproduces texts as they stand in the sources sampled, without editorial interventions. The TML aims to represent the texts as accurately as possible, any exceptions to which are governed by the Principles of Orthography. Every text was typed, or entered with OCR software and proofread, then re-proofed twice, so that each published file represents the work of at least three different people. This fidelity to sources includes metadata, text arrangement and word spelling. For example, in an older edition, an author attribution that modern scholarship considers erroneous or parts of a text that have since been proven extraneous, are still retained in the file. Annotations providing other information on the nature of the texts that in the past were published separately (in the TML Canon**) are now incorporated in the website, and the scope of these annotations will be expanded in the future.

Most treatises have notation, diagrams and other figures intermingled in the text. Musical notation included within sentences is entered as codes in the text file (in an encoding system introduced by Thomas Mathiesen, for which see the Table of Codes for Noteshapes, while full musical examples or figures are external graphic files linked within the text. If a music example or figure includes text, this is given in the text within brackets thereby enabling the search engine to locate it as well. From the 2017 edition, the graphics are separately browsable as image galleries within each text view.

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* Page from Marchettus de Padua’s Lucidarium in arte musicae planae (14th c.). Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibliothek, MS 689 [1200] (N. Italy, 15th c.), fol. 38v. Source:
** Thomas J. Mathiesen, ed., Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum: Canon of Data Files, Publications of the Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1999).

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